IATA SeMS Manual  2018-19 - Combo

IATA SeMS Manual 2018-19 - Combo

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Edizione 2019
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The SeMS manual is an all-encompassing approach to managing security as part of your day-to-day business. To learn more about the content transition, table of contents and more, go to www.iata.org/sems-manual. Focusing on essential aspects of security management, the guidance material covers a range of topics from defining accountabilities to structuring responsibility assignment, from applying risk assessment to establishing comprehensive communication channels to name a few. This new edition includes: a new chapter on capacity calculations to manage & optimize security checkpoints; a Threat & Risk Audit Matrix (TRAM) interactive software package demo; a threat assessment form; a new section on operational risk assessment; general updates, including categories of aviation security occurrences as well as the SeMS checklist.

IATA eLibrary is the new umbrella name for three electronic formats (Mobile, Windows & Floating License). The "Mobile" media format allows you to access it on non-PC devices such as smart tablets. It also avoids installation challenges, however note that Mobile does not include the Toolbox (incl. aforementioned form and checklist) which can be found on the "Software for Windows" media format. To learn more, go to www.iata.org/elibrary.