ACIC - ATC & Airport - Calculation & Reporting Light

ACIC - ATC & Airport - Calculation & Reporting Light

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Aviation Charges Intelligence Center (ACIC) - Web Application

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  1. The ATC & Airport module is available as a Calculation & Reporting information package, or Benchmarking, Calculation & Reporting information package. The calculation & reporting package allows you to calculate airport and ATC fees one by one. With the Benchmarking, Calculation & Reporting package you can calculate/compare multiple scenarios at once.
  2. The Fuel module is available as a Calculation and Reporting package. This module includes all fees related to fueling an aircraft. These include throughput fees, compulsory stock fees, among others.
  3. The Data feed​ is independently available as XML file or XML API Web Service. This can be used as data feed for your own systems such as a flight planning system.

You can purchase the ATC & Airport module and the Fuel module in either 5, 3 or 1 regions: Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific (including North Asia), Europe and the Middle East.


Calculation & Reporting

Review invoices, flag overcharges, and save money with the ACIC calculation features that let you cross-reference your accounts with established standards for fees, taxes, and other aviation charges. This feature also allows you to create reports of your findings in various formats conducive.