IATA Dangerous Goods Training Book 4 - 2020 Ed.

IATA Dangerous Goods Training Book 4 - 2020 Ed.

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Edizione 2020
Codice IATA 9072-44
ISBN 978-92-9229-927-9

Tools for classroom use or distance learning. Train employees who must, by law, be instructed on how to transport dangerous goods by air with the following informative series:

Book 1: Shippers, Packers, Cargo Agents and Operators,

Book 2: Load Planners and Flight Crew,

Book 3: Flight Attendants, Passenger Handling and Screening Staff,

Book 4: Loading and Warehouse Personnel,

Book 5: General Acceptance Personnel Module.

Produced in accordance with ICAO Technical Instructions, these books will meet the essential training requirements of airlines, schools and other organisations within the industry.