IATA Standard Schedules Information Manual

IATA Standard Schedules Information Manual

(SSIM) 2024-2025 - Digital (English)

IATA - Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM), 34th Edition - Effective Date: Mar 1, 2024 until Feb 28, 2025

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Edizione 2024
Codice IATA 6179-34
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Seamless and efficient exchange of flight information within the aviation industry requires the development and use of consistent practices, rules and principles.

To facilitate this exchange of data and to standardize schedule/slot data handling procedures, the Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) is published annually.

The SSIM is the official set of standards, guiding the industry with recommended practices, messaging formats and data processing procedures that are to be used by all IATA member airlines and their business partners for the exchange of airline schedules, communication of airport coordination information and minimum connect time data.


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